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Style. Reliability. Swissness.

The KeKo (Keen’n’Kool) brand was founded in Bern, Switzerland, in 2019. With the collection “Moonphase Classic” we want to set an example. We at KeKo do not sell watches, we do represent values. Values like reliability, respect and responsibility. Values of the modern gentleman. Self-confident, elegant and with style, the Moonphase Classic is the perfect watch for the modern gentleman. It combines finest design with the highest standards of quality and reliability.

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The Moonphase Classic…

Self-confident, elegant and stylish, the “Moonphase Classic” is the perfect watch for the modern gentleman. It combines design with the highest standards of quality and reliability. The Moonphase Classic is not just a watch – It is a statement.

Elegant Blue

With the deep blue dial in combination with the brown leather strap, the Moonphase Classic is the perfect companion for the modern gentleman and a guaranteed eye-catcher.

Timeless White

In a timeless white, the Moonphase Classic looks effortlessly elegant and adapts to your style. Whether at work, on a night out with friends or for a festive occasion, the Moonphase Classic white represents your style.

Exclusive Rosegold

With its noble anthracite dial in combination with the rosegold hands, the Moonphase Classic stands for exclusivity and your exquisite taste.  It is made to make you stand out from the crowd.

Keko and you

Self-confident. Elegant. With style. KeKo. You!
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Guaranteed Reliability

Swiss Made

Swiss design. A Swiss brand. Swiss movements. From assembly over quality check to packing the watches – everything takes place under one roof in the heart of Switzerland.

Guaranteed Quality

Before your watch leaves our house, it is carefully checked and adjusted. We stand for it with our name and therefore each watch is delivered with a guarantee of 5 years.


For hundreds of years, the moon has been attracting and fascinating to mankind and it is not surprising that the moon phase display is one of the most popular and most fascinating functions in high-quality watch making.


The first 300 KeKo watches are produced in a numbered speciad edition. Each of them is as unique as you are.


KeKo does care!
we do care

We do give something back

Even tough all our watches are produced according to highest standards and regulations we are aware that every production has its impact on our all environment and that is why we would like to give something back. 3% of our total turnover will be donated to a environment or ngo organisation and we will keep you up to date here on our website.

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