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KeKo Watches

Founded in Bern in 2019, the watch brand KeKo meets Swiss watchmaking tradition and Swiss made quality with timeless style and design art.

Driven by ambition, heart, soul and passion, KeKo always strives to reveal the beauty of small things.

Be it through sophisticated design, a harmonious interplay of colors and the use of high-quality materials.

With a clear conscience, KeKo Watches can offer its customers a 3-year warranty on all watches.

But KeKo is much more.

Bern, the home of KeKo, has always been a mediator between different cultures as the capital and the largest city between Francophone and German-speaking Switzerland.

KeKo knows no borders.

And because at KeKo we believe that time is the most valuable thing we have, we build our watches here in Switzerland with attention to detail.

Keen ‘n’ Kool = KeKo

Keen and Kool – Passionate and Kool. These are KeKo watches. More than just an accessory.

A KeKo watch should complement the wearer in his own style and be an expression of his personality

At KeKo we stand behind our watches and love to wear them ourselves for sports, in the office, for a suit, outdoors, at a barbecue with friends or simply as a leisure watch.

KeKo is YOU!

Team KeKo

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